About Us

The Stern Business & Law Association is an organization open to all NYU students that explores the various intersections of business and law in today's society. SBLA exists to achieve two major goals:  

  • To keep members well-informed on how the legal system functions and how it impacts the business world.
  • To allow members to discover and prepare for different career opportunities in business and/or law.

To achieve our first goal, SBLA hosts the following:

  • Professional speakers
  • Renowned professors
  • Discussions/lectures on legal issues
  • Corporate visits/court visits
  • Debate competitions

To achieve our second goal, SBLA offers the following:

  • Alumni Networking
  • JD/MBA Student Panels
  • Mentorship Program
  • Admissions Workshops
  • LSAT/GMAT Prep Seminars

*Email sbla@stern.nyu.edu to be added to our listserv!